With 1 concert a year, rehearsals begin once a week in August and continue weekly until our mid-November concert.

No Audition Required!

Membership packets with season information are mailed out each June.

2018 Membership Packet

2018 Individual Dues (including music) $25

Attention Ladies:BICS mail orders the ladies’ performance attire, which must be purchased at time of registration. We encourage ladies who need dresses to pre-register and order dresses in July! Your cost for the dress is $52 (an additional $20 is subsidized by the BICS Board of Directors). This amount is due at registration along with payment for your music and dues. New members needing different payment arrangements should contact Leon Hicks, President (leonhicks@aol.com)before the first rehearsal.

USHERS:Ushers are needed for the Concert in November. If you know someone who would like to volunteer to be an usher, please see House Chair Bernie Brown.

Refreshments: Sign-up sheets will be posted on the information table. Please sign up to help by bringing cookies for rehearsal breaks. Please Note: only water should be brought into the rehearsal room.

BICS General Board: comprised of a representative from each church, or an individual representing him/herself. Please identify your church’s representative (or yourself as an individual) before the third rehearsal. During the season, Board Meetings will be called to conduct BICS business requiring Board decisions.

Performance Attire: Gentlemen wear dark black suits with black bow ties. Ladies wear the BICS formal dress, which is purchased through BICS. New female members will need to purchase dress at registration. ¬†Information regarding this will be made available to you when you sign up. Questions…contact Mary Matthews.

Sponsorships: Soliciting support is one of the primary responsibilities of each BICS member. If you have any ideas or suggestions for solicitation of sponsorships, please contact Sponsorship Vice-President Wynnelle Guidry.


Come Sing With Us!

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